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C5 Hydrocarbon Resin Applied in Rubber ...
C5 Hydrocarbon Resin Applied in Adhesives
C5 Hydrocarbon Resin Applied in Rubber ...
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Modified Hydrocarbon Resin C5
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1、Modified hydrocarbon resin C5 is pale yellow granular solid thermoplastic resin. It is  the polymerization and with resulting low molecular weight polymer, which can be made by ethylene and by-product of the C5 fraction and specific modifier as raw material, by a special production process, at a certain temperature and pressure conditions,      It has an excellent compatibility with a wide variety of elastomers including natural rubber (NR), synthetic rubber, styrene polymers (such as Styrene-Isoprene-Styrene (SIS), Styrene-butadiene-styrene(SBS),Styrene-ethylene-
butadiene-styrene(SEBS) and Ethylene Vinyl Acetate (EVA), and also have a good compatibility with the natural tackifying resins (such as terpene resin, rosin and thereof derivatives). Additionally, It has good water resistance, insulation resistance, thermal stability, light stability, chemical stability of the pH, also has good adhesion properties, and low thermal conductivity etc
2、Modified hydrocarbon resin C5 Adhesive:
 Good fluidity which can improve the wetting property of master material.
 Excellent initial adhesion performance
Super aging resistance performance
 Light color material
 Transparent, no-smell and low volatility material
 In the hot melt adhesive industry , Modified hydrocarbon resin C5 series product may alone be applied in hot melt adhesive as tackfier, also may be used combined with the other tackfying resins which may improve some properties of hot melt adhesive.
3、Recommended Application Fields: Hot melt adhesive  Hot melt adhesive stick, hot melt granule, hot melt glue powder, hot melt road marking paint;  solvent-based pressure-sensitive adhesive, all kinds of adhesive glue, glue the shellac, all kinds of asphalt waterproofing materials, waterproofing coating, paint, rubber mixing, high low rubber shoes material, printing ink

4、Product specifications, Technical Data Sheet:BT-B95,B100,B110,B120


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